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Music Director

Seeking a Music Director to direct three choirs and run the musical operations of St. Stephen Parish in Portland, Oregon.



  • Proficiency in sight-reading the Latin chant of the Graduale Romanum, and a familiarity with chironomy, preferably of the Solemnes method, with an ability to direct a schola of amateurs.

  • Experience teaching music to children.

  • Basic knowledge of liturgical Latin.

  • Understanding of the differences between the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Roman Rite.

  • Familiarity with the magisterial documents on sacred music (Pius X, Pius XII, Vatican II, and post-conciliar).

  • Proficiency in recognizing and singing the Roman Psalm tones (I-VIII and peregrinus tone) and
    the modes from which they are drawn in order to direct a Vespers schola.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Music, specialty in organ performance and/or conducting preferred.

Click here for a complete job description. To apply please email a resume to Fr. Eric Andersen, pastor.

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